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Private Sessions

Elizabeth has recently opened a few spots each month for private energy sessions.

Private sessions integrate Reiki energy medicine and intuitive readings with a variety of other tools and modalities.

Sessions are available over the phone or in person at Elizabeth’s office in the Greenwood district of North Seattle.

Please contact her HERE for scheduling and more information.

What Clients Say about One-on-One Work with Elizabeth

Work with Beth supports my whole being and my life.  Beth helps to unlock what’s in the way,  and supports my own process of unfolding.  I am learning to own my gifts and abilities and trust my intuition and guidance.  Beth has helped me to be excited about my life journey. Through her work I am learning how to step into my power, know who I am, and what I want to do with my life. A. I. ~ Seattle

Thank you Beth! Our recent session was truly life-changing, and went way beyond what I was hoping for and expecting.  Through our work together I’ve experienced a powerful affirmation of the way I’m intentionally living and parenting.  I now have many tools to use going forward into the work of the new year!  I can’t thank you enough for your amazing gifts.  M.W. ~ Seattle

The work we did together has had lasting results. I have re-listened to my session when I’ve felt anxious and it brings me right back down to earth.  I have used breathing and other tools you taught to help me remain grounded, and remembered my connection to the earth when I start worrying about the details of how it will all work out. I can’t thank you enough, not only for the session, but for equipping me with tools to deal with challenges of daily life. D.F. ~ San Francisco

Please contact Elizabeth HERE for scheduling and more information.

You can also email her directly at beth@elizabethschermer.com.