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Private Energy Sessions

Elizabeth is happy to announce that she’ll be opening her calendar in 2021 for a limited number of personal energy sessions.

Personal energy sessions are a powerful way to receive a dynamic infusion of health, vitality, and inspired guidance, as well as a clearing of whatever limiting patterns are holding you back from full well being.

Elizabeth currently devotes most of her time to the Mystery School programs. This is a unique opportunity to work with her one-on-one.  At this time all sessions will be held over the phone.

Sessions are currently available Jan. 13 – Feb. 5.

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One-on-One Sessions Include

  • A Reiki Treatment and Energy Medicine
  • Channeled Messages from Your Higher Self and Guides
  • Strategic Coaching with Practical Energy Tools and Practices
  • Tarot Readings and/or Astrology can be included if desired.

Additional Support

  • Upon scheduling you’ll receive a personal email confirmation, including session logistics and suggestions for preparation.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to submit your intentions and questions in advance. Elizabeth will work with your intentions before your session. This enables the work to launch more quickly when we meet.
  • If desired, your session will be audio recorded. You’ll receive the link via email within 24 hours of your session.
At this time all sessions are held over the phone.

Session Prices

  • Energy Session – 60 Minutes: $225
  • Energy Session – 75 Minutes: $275
  • Energy Session with Astrology – 90 Minutes: $325
Sessions are currently available Jan. 13 – Feb. 5

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Contact Elizabeth HERE to request future notification when her calendar opens again for booking.

What Clients Say about One-on-One Work with Elizabeth

Work with Beth supports my whole being and my life.  Beth helps to unlock what’s in the way,  and supports my own process of unfolding.  I am learning to own my gifts and abilities and trust my intuition and guidance.  Beth has helped me to be excited about my life journey. Through her work I am learning how to step into my power, know who I am, and what I want to do with my life. A. I. ~ Seattle

Thank you Beth! Our recent session was truly life-changing, and went way beyond what I was hoping for and expecting.  Through our work together I’ve experienced a powerful affirmation of the way I’m intentionally living and parenting.  I now have many tools to use going forward into the work and adventure of life!  I can’t thank you enough for your amazing gifts.  M.W. ~ Seattle

The work we did together has had lasting results. I have re-listened to my session many times when I’ve felt anxious and it brings me right back down to earth.  I have used the tools you taught me to remain grounded, and I find myself releasing old habits of worry. I can’t thank you enough, not only for the session, but for equipping me with tools I can use to deal with challenges of daily life. D.F. ~ San Francisco

Contact us HERE to request personal notification when additional future openings are announced, or use the contact form at right to request notice of future scheduling options and more information.

You can also email Elizabeth directly at beth@elizabethschermer.com.