The Lunar Journal 2020 Edition


2020 promises is a year of powerful potential.

The 2020 Lunar Manifesting Journal will support your success this year by helping you harness the creative power of the Lunar cycle in your daily life.

Order your Lunar Journal NOW and launch your New Year with an infusion of clarity, abundance and real-life practical magic.

  • Cost: $35.00.
  • 377 pages (with over 50 pp. of color images).
  • Wire bound for ease of use.

We are SOLD OUT of the 2020 Journal.

Please contact Elizabeth here or email her directly to request notice if more journals become available.


How the Lunar Manifesting Journal Works

The Journal Helps You Align Your Personal Intentions with the Moon’s Monthly Cycle
  • Connect with the unique zodiac energies of each New Moon and Full Moon.
  • Beginning with each New Moon, set intentions, make decisions and take actions through strategic timing of the eight Lunar phases.
  • Use oracle cards for manifesting and specific guidance with each lunar phase. (Spreads are included.)
Inside the Journal You’ll Find
  • Lunar calendars for each month, including times and dates and meaning of the eight Lunar phases.
  • Clear information on the energies of each phase of the Lunar cycle.
  • Templates for your own oracle readings for the New Moon and each phase of the Lunar cycle.
  • Zodiac descriptions and tarot cards for each New Moon and Full Moon.
  • A rich appendix with resources on astrology, Tree of Life, and tarot.
Personal Guidance through Oracle Cards & Tarot
  • At each New Moon you’ll learn how to pull a New Moon spread for the coming month. The New Moon spread is an overview of the month ahead.
  • The New Moon oracle spread is included for each month, with times and dates of each phase so you can track your spread through time.
  • Every 3-4 days you have the opportunity to pull another 1-3 cards for guidance during the current lunar phase. (Spreads included.)
  • Ample space to record personal intentions and notes for each lunar phase.
  • The Journal includes cards from the Thoth tarot deck. You can use any deck you choose for your personal spreads. (The “Wisdom of the Oracle” deck is a great choice for beginners.)

Since 2012, this unique and effective process has been part of our Mystery School programs, and it’s now available to everyone. Order your Lunar Journal NOW and launch your New Year with an infusion of abundance, creativity, and real-life practical magic.

Order by Jan. 13th to be guaranteed delivery in plenty of time for the Aquarius New Moon on Jan. 24th.

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