The Lunar Journal – Summer Edition 2019


The Lunar Journal is a personal manifesting program that teaches you how to align with the unfolding energies of the Moon’s monthly cycle. Filled with rich information and resources, this book enables you to harness the power of the Moon in your daily life.

The 2019 Summer Edition begins July 2nd with the Cancer New Moon, and covers the three lunar cycles of Cancer, Leo, and Virgo.

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Order by June 25th to receive in plenty of time for the July 2 New Moon and Solar eclipse.

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The Moon regulates all rhythms of growth and development on Earth. The personal program within the Lunar Journal teaches you how to harness this unlimited manifesting power within your own circumstances.

Each Lunar cycle you will be guided step-by-step through the eight phases as they unfold in daily life.

Beginning with the Cancer New Moon on July 2nd, you will learn how to align with the signatures of the eight phases of the Moon and how to connect those phases directly into the rhythms of your life.

The Lunar Journal also shows you how to use oracle cards for intuitive guidance and practical support. While the journal illustrates the tarot correspondences with the Lunar cycle, you can use any oracle deck of your choice.

Order your Lunar Journal NOW and launch your summer with an infusion of abundance, creativity, and real-life practical magic.

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