Qabalah 1

Qabalah One

The Tree of Life and the Codes of Light (Offered in 2019)

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The Language of Number and Pattern

Everything in the universe is created from the same cosmic blueprint and the same rules of order. We call these rules “Codes of Light” because they exist through all dimensions and within the structure of all things, including your own DNA.

This program is designed to open these codes of language and pattern  so that you can directly access powerful technologies for healing and manifesting your life dreams.

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The Tree of Life

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The Tree of Life is an ancient and time-tested map of consciousness. Hidden within this simple structure are the keys we need to open the Codes.

Each of the Ten numbers on the tree is related to a specific Code of Light. This Code is directly connected to one aspect or theme of your life.

Using the following modalities and practical tools we will journey through these Ten Codes, and apply them directly to your daily life.

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Integrated Wisdom Tools

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Your exposure to the Codes of Light hidden within the Tree of Life happens through a unique integration of the following wisdom traditions.

  • Astrology.Personal access to the Solar System and Zodiac.
  • Geometry & Number. Decoding the hidden signatures of shape and number in the world.
  • Energy Medicine. Powerful tools and practices to connect with your chakras.
  • Tarot. Deepening your dialogue with your Higher Self and the Universe.
  • Feng Shui.  Integrating the Codes into your physical environment.
  • Mantra and Meditation. All of the Codes of Light are embedded within sound. You’ll learn how to use sound for healing and transforming your physical circumstances.
  • Movement. Practices such as yoga and Tai Chi activate and embed the codes within your body.
  • Daily Personal Practice. You’ll receive ongoing support and strategies for integrating these tools into your daily life practices.

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The Format

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Our journey is divided into four modules which we will explore through four 3-day retreats in February, April, June, and October. At each of the first three retreats you will be introduced to a powerful triad of the Codes of the Light found within the Tree of Life. The final retreat will activate and integrate the full map of the tree. The immersion of our retreat format will enable you to experience and integrate the teachings of the codes.

Throughout the interim weeks between our gatherings you’ll have the opportunity to explore and experience these Codes of Light in your daily life. We’ll also have regular gatherings to strengthen our creativity and our container of group support.

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The Power of the Collective

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The intentional group work within this program supports all aspects of your life and allows you to experience accelerated growth and expansion.

  • Personal Support. The group adds an infusion of creativity, inspiration, and stability to your daily life.
  • Expanded Momentum. The strength of the group container facilitates rapid personal and professional expansion.
  • Co-creation. You will learn techniques for manifesting big picture intentions in your life, as well as the collective intentions we will bring forward together for our world.

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Other Special Features

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  • Personalized Astrology: Over the course of the year your natal chart will come alive. With each number code you will learn a new key access point, including a personal signature to one of the planets in the solar system, and how it directly applies to your daily life.
  • Intuitive Coaching:  Each gathering includes intuitive readings, as well as opportunities to dialogue with your higher self and non-physical guides. You’ll also regularly receive new tools and practices that expand your intuitive abilities in daily life.
  • Energy Medicine: Each workshop and circle includes a group energy session in which you receive support for specific questions or concerns. In addition, each month you will learn new healing techniques to practice and apply within your life.

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Scheduled Meetings:

  • Four Three-day Retreats. Feb, April, June, October. Retreats meet Friday – Sunday, from 9:30 to 5. Each retreat will include a carefully designed balance of interactive presentations along with group dialogue and hands-on creative play.
  • Evening Circle meets in person once each month, 7-9 pm.
  • Optional Small Group Calls with other members of the group will anchor your intentions and personal explorations.

2019 Tuition and Registration

  • Tuition for Qabalah One is $4,455.
  • Payment can be made in full or with 9 installments of $495 per month, February – October. Installment payments are through direct deposit.
  • Registration opens in Fall 2018. Contact us now to receive early notification.
Prerequisites: This program is open to all graduates of Alchemy 101. Other applicants will have experience in the following:
  • Daily Personal Practice. Commitment to ongoing daily practices that integrate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being.
  • Energy Medicine through the human energy system. General familiarity with chakras and meridians, and corresponding practices related to grounding and embodiment.
  • Tarot and Oracle Language. Beginners can enroll in the next scheduled Introduction to Tarot Workshop.
  • Comfort with Group Protocols. Our intentional group work is founded in protocols of respect, confidentiality and focus of purpose.
  • Willingness to develop personal systems of support, including helpful practitioners, as needs arise.

This Program is Limited to 12 People.


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