Sagittarius Full Moon: A Galactic Center Activation

Happy Full Moon!

The Sagittarius Moon occurs on Monday, June 17th at 1:31 am PDT.

The Sagittarius Full Moon brings new possibilities, new inspirations, and a renewed commitment to showing up for what is possible in your life. The significance of this year’s Sagittarius Moon is underscored by its direct conjunction with Galactic Center at 26-27ยบ Sag.

Galactic Center is the portal in our Galaxy through which all of creation emerges. It’s our doorway Home, and our most direct connection to Oneness and the consciousness of Source. With both Moon and Sun in direct connection there’s a unique opportunity now, with the power of Full Moon illumination, to strengthen your own personal connection to Source energy and your alignment with All-That-Is.

The period of Full Moon and the days that immediately follow are important times to receive. Allow space and time for quiet and reflection, so that your energy system and physical body can adjust to the new frequencies. Use energy medicine tools and visualizations to strengthen your connection to the Light. (See bonus energy session offering at the end of this article!)

The power of Sagittarius is represented in tarot by the Art card, showing the process of inner alchemy and the Art of becoming who you truly are. This card is also known as Temperance, referring to the tempering of steel and the willingness to show up for our own processes of inner growth.

Hold space for new realizations and new visions of possibility, reaching beyond what you have known before. This is a time to claim and celebrate your true identity, as opposed to the identity of your tribe, or your culture, or what’s been imposed on you by the world-at-large.

There’s support now to access the courage of your convictions, so you can commit to what inspires you, claim the truth of your heart’s calling, and honor what serves YOU as you evolve and grow and change. Go easy with intensity wherever it appears.

The astrology chart for the Full Moon shows that there will likely be activations of contrast, causing a tug-of-war between the past and the future, between what has been and where you’re going. You’ll experience clearly what’s working and what’s not. Pay attention to momentum, and make decisions based on what serves you as you move forward. If you stay out of judgment or blame it will be easier to see and feel your way.

The good news is that the Universe always has your back. Always. No exceptions. Commit to showing up, and you will have access to the tools you need in every moment. (See the tarot video below for more tools and practical insights.)

Every challenge holds opportunity. Every experience of intensity holds the keys to new growth and something new to learn. Each event in life is uniquely calibrated to support your evolution and allow your healing so that you can hold more and more light.

It’s all about the Light!



Special Offer – Full Moon Energy Session Bonus: “Galactic Center Activations”

I’m delighted this summer to be offering a limited number of personal energy sessions. In honor of our alchemy Moon I’m adding a special Full Moon Bonus to any session that’s booked by June 20th.

In addition to all of the other elements of your session, you’ll receive a bonus Galactic Center reading from your natal astrology chart, as well as a personal energy activation to Galactic Center, strengthening your own celestial grounding point. Moving forward, you’ll know how to develop this connection intentionally in daily life.

When you schedule your session, you’ll receive an email asking for your time and date of birth so that I can prepare this for you in advance.

To receive your Galactic Center bonus, book your session by Thursday, June 2oth. This bonus can be applied to all sessions, whether on the phone or in-person and it’s good through Saturday, July 27th.

Note: Energy sessions are available for a limited time. I’m currently only planning to see people for private sessions through Saturday, July 27th. After that time I’ll be preparing for the fall programs in Mystery School. Schedule now if you want to be sure to see me during one of the summer slots.


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Sagittarius Full Moon Message: June 17 – July 2

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