Sagittarius New Moon: Making Art with Your Life

Happy New Moon!

The Sagittarius New Moon brings an infusion of new understandings and new connections. There’s the opportunity for new forms of cooperation, new visions of possibility, and the release of limitations that bind your freedom.

This Moon will help you expand beyond what you have known before so you can envision your participation in a greater future, both for yourself and for our world.

This Moon sets the stage for the birth of Light at the upcoming Solstice on December 21st. Whatever cultural or spiritual traditions you follow at this time of year, the coming days hold the opportunity to experience the very real mystery of the dawn of new light held within.

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The Sagittarius New Moon is on Thursday, December 6th at 11:20 pm PST.

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The tarot card for the Sagittarius Moon is called “Art,” also known as Temperance.

The word Temperance is about inner Alchemy. It refers to the tempering of your consciousness and character through the interactions of fire and light. This image holds deep teachings of the true nature of alchemy, which is about expanding consciousness into the truth of who you are.

This New Moon is a time to bridge the light you hold within – your inner life and inner truth – with your work and activity in the world. It’s a time to transcend limiting perceptions of reality in order to step more fully into your own creative powers.

In Sagittarius the “Great Work” of your lifetime is actualized through the daily process of Becoming. What you do in the world, the action you take, is all about becoming the truth of who you are.

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The New Moon Spread

This month’s New Moon spread affirms the possibility for new expansion and new creations, especially through your relationships with others.

The key is to be willing to surrender old ideas of the way things have been in order to be available for new understanding.

The fourth card in this spread (not shown) is the Wheel of Fortune, emphasizing the opportunity for new creation.

See the video message at the conclusion of this article for more insights into the spread.

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New Moon Manifesting

To better connect with the wave of momentum at this New Moon, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What most inspires me?
  • How can I connect with others in a way that will help me express my inner light?
  • How can I expand my ability to release preconceptions and learn in new ways?
  • What does it mean to surrender attachment to outcome and trust the unknown?
  • What does it really mean to make “Art” with my life?

Today and in the days to come I wish you much happiness and joy-filled adventure. The world needs the light that you are here to shine.

Happy New Moon,


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New Moon Message: Dec. 6 – Jan. 5

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