Sagittarius Solar Eclipse: Healing the Past

Happy New Moon!


Our Sagittarius Solar eclipse represents a remarkable opportunity, both personally and globally, to transcend all perceptions of limitation that are held within the past.


This opportunity to heal our patterns of limitation goes beyond what we can even imagine,. It can have far-reaching effects for us personally as well as throughout our collective.


A Solar eclipse occurs when the Moon covers the face of the Sun. When the Sun’s light is blocked, what is revealed are the shadows that are normally hidden from sight. 


Those who have witnessed a total Solar eclipse know the remarkable experience of seeing the world in a new way, with new definition and a new quality of clarity.


The spiritual power of a Solar eclipse lies in this revelation of shadow. What has previously been hidden from your consciousness is now revealed. You have the opportunity to ‘see’ with new insight those patterns and habits that have created unnecessary limitation in your life.


You can also have new insights into your ‘bright shadow’ which includes unexpressed brilliance and unrealized natural gifts and abilities.


What if, today, here and now, you can truly leave these limitations of the past behind? This eclipse will reveal those patterns so they no longer need to hold you and be carried forward into the the future.


Sagittarius Theme: Becoming the Alchemist of Your Life

Sagittarius is the zodiac sign of spiritual wisdom, understanding and personal cosmology.


In tarot Sagittarius is represented by the Art card. This card is also known as Temperance, which refers to the process of intense transformation, such as tempering steel. 


This image of Art depicts YOU as the true Alchemist of your life.


You are the Priestess in the image. As you trust the guidance of your Higher Self you learn to engage intentionally with all of the details of your life. 


You can now see both sides of your circumstances, both the light and the dark, symbolized by the two faces and the two colors of your body.


You have transcended all forms of judgment and blame. You have learned to take responsibility for whatever shows up as an opportunity to learn. In this way you can use your circumstances to heal. This power to transform is symbolized by the cauldron and the alchemical elements of fire and water.


As you learn to make Art with your life, your consciousness is transformed. This is symbolized by the golden fire and the golden Orphic egg, which represents Christ consciousness and the realization of your true Self. 


The Orphic egg also represents the Sun. Our current Solar eclipse holds this quality of inner Gold, inviting you to make a new inner connection to the truth of your own Guidance, and a new-found trust in the Light you hold within. 


Healing Karma

The Sabian symbol for the New Moon Eclipse at 13 Sagittarius is “A widow’s past brought to light.”


This is a symbol of a fresh start in life by releasing the past, especially through the  healing of karmic patterns and the understanding that they no longer need to bind you. 


The ‘widow’ represents you with new awareness of your past. The past ‘brought to light’ means that you have new understanding of the past, especially those circumstances involving limitation, sorrow and loss.


You have moved through grief, blame, sorrow and regret to a new experience of what you have learned, and a willingness to release those patterns so you don’t carry them into the future.


You understand now the significance of past experiences and you can appreciate what you have learned. Thus you no longer need repeat the patterns and they hold you no more.


You see now that the consciousness of Love permeates all of creation. Living in trust helps you see the patterns in your life, and feel the way you are part of something larger than yourself. 


Through this new awareness, you realize that all your circumstances hold the opportunity for discovery and expansion. Living in trust means you are no longer afraid.  You understand that every action has a consequence. This is the Law of “Cause and Effect,” also known as karma.


There is no punishment. There is simply a pattern that expresses an opportunity to learn. Once learned, the pattern (karma) disappears.


This insight into the true meaning of karma is another way to understand the enormous opportunity held within this eclipse.


You can now see the shadow for what it is: Simply an expression of something that was created in the past. You can trust the Universe and your Higher Self to guide you forward.


The Solar Eclipse Spread

Knowing the enormous opportunity held within this eclipse, I asked for a spread that would offer practical guidance and support. 


The presence of three major Arcana cards affirms the breadth and spiritual power of these energies. The effects of this eclipse are BIG and deep and will unfold over time.


The Lovers in the position of mind (bottom center) affirms a new awareness of unity in your relationship to life, especially through your ability to explore contrast and experience the patterns within all of your circumstances. 


Practical Advice: Cultivate curiosity. Set the intention to see what you haven’t seen before. In every moment you have a choice. When you experience discomfort or resistance (physical, mental or emotional), use your breath to move your awareness within and ask what you can learn. 


The Fool in the position of Body (left) affirms the tangible opportunity for a fresh start. This represents your circumstances as well as the patterns held within your physical body. Everything is available for healing. Each moment represents a new beginning with unlimited pure potential. 


Practical Advice: This is a time to trust in new possibility. Be willing to surrender your attachments. Like the Fool, you are emerging into the freedom of new birth. You are strong, courageous and fully alive. The past IS over! 


The Nine of Disks, Gain, in the position of Spirit (right) represents the presence of tangible spiritual support, and the opportunity to reap the rewards of past efforts.


Practical Advice: Place your trust within. External circumstances are changing (The Fool). In order to remain balanced you must ground your foundation within your connection to the Universe and your Inner Guide.


This is the only minor arcana card in the spread, which emphasizes that your practical concrete support now is in the realm of Spirit. 


The final card, Lust (top center), is in the position of What Needs to be Integrated. In this card, Beauty and the Beast have healed from their fear. Both have turned to fire (gold) and are rising from the depths of shadow into a new life.


This card represents you, now, experiencing the healing truth of your inner Light. You are inspired to face limitations, wherever they appear, by harnessing the strength and spiritual support you hold within.


In this way you can (literally) transcend the past and step fully into the new life that awaits.


Practical Advice: Face your fears! You have unlimited support and inner strength now to see beyond all types and forms of restriction and limitation.


Remember: When you learn to look within, the shadow is filled with Light.


The Past is Over

This eclipse marks yet another dramatic threshold in the evolution of consciousness in our world. 


Hold curiosity in the coming days for new perceptions of the shadow. Expect the unexpected. Take attention away from external drama. Avoid the media and fear-based narratives. They are designed to distract you.


Remember to look always within. In every circumstance, even the most uncomfortable, you will find meaning within your inner Light.


Together we are creating the future we have always imagined. 


You came for this time. Breakthrough happens, moment by moment, and step by step. You have all that you need. Place your trust within and remember, always, to ask for help. 


We have already come through the darkest time. Our future is assured. We are joined by multitudes, together creating a world filled with freedom, health, and abundant well being. Our job now is to trust, and continue to move forward in love, step by step. 


The past is over. The future is now.




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