Scorpio Full Moon: The Healing Power of Inner Calm

Happy Full Moon!


Our Scorpio Full Moon is filled with qualities of inner calm and inspiration.


The Sabian symbol for the Full Moon at 8° Scorpio is of “A calm lake, bathed in moonlight.”


This symbol represents new insights and illumination you can receive now, especially when you’re able to access the calm, still waters that lie within the depths of your emotional wisdom.

Scorpio Theme: Emotional Power

Scorpio energy connects us directly to the power of our emotions. This energy is complex and transformative.


This quality of transformation is reflected in the tarot card for Scorpio, called Death. This card doesn’t mean a literal death; rather it symbolizes processes of emotional transformation and rebirth; the healing we receive when we learn to travel to the depths of wisdom that lie within.


Because of the pure power of Scorpio to transform, the shadow energies of Scorpio are equally strong. What is unresolved becomes part of the shadow held within our subconscious.


Scorpio Full Moons bring this shadow to light, giving rise to all of the subconscious shadows of fear that we hold buried within. This is true for us personally as well as our collective human family.


It’s important to learn to listen to our emotional guidance, and respect the voices that rise from within, including our fears. This is how we heal. Otherwise it is easy to be overwhelmed by the power of our emotions. This is especially true when our emotions are connected subconsciously to unresolved issues and trauma, both our own as well as the emotions of others.


The energies of this Full Moon hold a unique quality of emotional wisdom and personal empowerment that will enable you to receive healing, and find equilibrium, peace and balance regardless of external energies of disruption, fear or change.

The Full Moon Spread

The Full Moon tarot spread offers practical guidance to help you connect with the powerful opportunities of this time.


The Ace of Cups (center) in the position of Mind represents the awareness of a new capacity to receive Love. The Ace of Cups reflects the water element of Scorpio.


This is the affirmation of an ability now to open your heart to receive new light, new illumination, and new healing. The word “new” is important. Aces always represent a type of gift and quality of new beginning. Old patterns of worry, disappointment and fear no longer need to hold you.


The Adjustment card (left) in the position of Body and Circumstances represents the importance of finding inner balance as you approach all circumstances of your life. Start within. Connect with inner calm and peace BEFORE you respond or react. Use your practices to maintain your alignment and trust your strong heart to guide you.


The Ten of Wands, Oppression (right) is reversed in the position of Spirit. Oppression refers to intense energy, so strong that it can feel overwhelming and impossible to move forward. The reversal represents an opening, a quality of spiritual support that will enable you find your way through seeming obstacles and challenges.  This can include the release of patterns of stress and emotional intensity that have caused obstructions in the past.


Because it’s in the position of Spirit, this also means that help is available. You are reminded to ask for help with patterns of fear and overwhelm, whenever and wherever they appear.


The Two of Cups, Love (center, below) is in the position of an additional message of support. This card represents the truth of Love as a spiritual force of harmony, healing and bliss.  It appears here as a final affirmation of the new qualities of blessing, ease and emotional harmony that are available to you now.



The new inspiration and illumination of our Scorpio Full Moon rests on your ability to access and choose inner calm. Hold curiosity for the ways in which you can strengthen the muscle of inner balance and peace.


Scorpio brings to light what is unresolved, both within us personally and within the psyche of the collective. Welcome what surfaces, including the voices of fear that you hold within. Honor what rises, but don’t surrender to the energies.


The power of this Full Moon rests in the qualities of spiritual balance. Wherever energies are not aligned with integrity, it’s likely that imbalance and disruption will intensify.


Together we have the power to heal. The energy of one person holding the coherence of Love is stronger than a million in fear.


Despite outer turbulence, choose inner alignment. Breathe from your heart. Return to center and make inner calm a priority. Honor your emotions, make space for your fear, and trust the power of Love to heal.


The healing power of Love is real.


I am sending my heart-felt intentions for healing and joy to you on this beautiful day.



PS: For more insights into the Full Moon, see Steven Shroyer’s article A Time for Calmness: Scorpio Full Moon.

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