Scorpio Full Moon

Happy Full Moon,

The Scorpio Full Moon occurs on Thursday, May 7th at 3:45 am PDT.

This is a Moon of emotional strength and courage.

It’s a time to reconnect to the inner light that sustains you, where you’ll receive new hope and new resolve to show up for what matters most.

As you prepare for tonight’s Full Moon, I invite you to pause and breathe. Go deep into your body. Feel your connection to the Light of Life that resides within, at the depths of your being.

This is the light that sustains us and will guide us Home.


Scorpio Full Moon

It’s time to dare to
Dive deep.

Go to the depths. Face your Fears
and welcome the Truth of what you find there.

Listen to your Heart.
Pray for guidance and grace.

Stand for what you believe.
Love life and love each other.

Rise beyond old stories
of separation and choosing sides.

It’s time to see beyond illusion.
We are the Ones.
And we have work to do.

You are loved,

The Universe

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2 thoughts on “Scorpio Full Moon”

  1. Hi Beth,
    I enjoyed reading your message for the Scorpio Full Moon,however I did not receive a video this time.
    Did I miss it? Could you re-post ? Or possibly I am having “technical difficulties”???

    1. Hi Dee,
      Thanks so much for checking in. You didn’t miss anything. I didn’t post a video for the Scorpio Full Moon. I do my best to create videos for each New and Full Moon, but sometimes my other Mystery School commitments coincide. That happened last week and so I wasn’t able to complete the video project in time for the deadline. I love doing these videos and look forward to sending out the New Moon reading in a few days.
      Best Wishes and Belated Full Moon blessings!

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