Scorpio New Moon: The Power to Embrace Change

Happy New Moon!

The Scorpio New Moon occurs on Sunday, October 27th at 8:38pm PT.

In these times of great change the Scorpio Moon holds deep wisdom for us all.

Scorpio is the zodiac sign of emotional power and transformation. Scorpio energy helps us go deep, anchoring within and connecting to systems of support through our feelings and emotions.

Scorpio energy enables you to trust your heart in order to connect to what truly supports you. It also gives you the courage to move in new directions, and to surrender your dependence on what HAS been in order to be present to what IS.

In order to grow we must be willing to let go. Scorpio teaches us about surrender. Through this process, Scorpio also teaches us about our fear.

Fear is a natural experience in times of change. Change forces us to let go, and letting go brings up fear.

Any experience outside of love and trust is based in some form of fear. There are lots of names for fear. Worry, frustration, futility, resistance, disappointment, distraction, boredom, and regret, all of these are fear-based experiences.

On the most basic level all experiences of fear indicate that some form of change is underway. In other words, fear is simply a signal that you are on your path!

When we can release resistance to our fear, understanding that a process of transformation is underway, we can become emotionally present to our feelings. This return to our inner guidance system is where true power lies. In this way our fear becomes a catalyst for change.

These times of change require that we learn about our fear. We must also help others understand these processes so that they, too, can learn to be present to their fear and then move their reliance for support within.

We are learning and traveling together. As the traditional systems we’ve relied on are changing, our own personal paths are challenged as well. Together we’re developing new systems of support, and receiving new visions of what we will create.

Amidst these times of change, this Scorpio New Moon holds a positive message of empowerment through the path of heart and inner strength.

  • When you’re aware of external instability or triggers, remember to return your awareness within.  Breathe, ground and center, and connect to the power and strength of your heart. What is your heart telling you???
  • Pay attention to the messages of your emotional guidance system. Be willing to see circumstances in a new light. What do you see or understand that you haven’t seen before???
  • Connect with others and strengthen your relationships of support. Ask for help and join together to celebrate and create and collaborate. What visions are calling you forward???

These principles will help you feel your way forward with clarity and confidence as you navigate all forms of change in the days to come.

May you experience new empowerment and new connections on your path of purpose!

Have an amazing month,


Scorpio New Moon: Oct. 27th – Nov. 25th

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