Shamanic Energy Training

Level 1 Training
with Ashera Serfaty

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March, 16th & 17th, 2019
Single Day Option Now Available


Tools for Healing, Energy Clearing, & Transformation[spacer height=”20px”]

The Mystery School is thrilled to be offering this hands-on experiential training weekend with Shamanic Energy practitioner Ashera Serfaty. This is an amazing opportunity to acquire powerful skills for personal transformation, as well as effective tools you can use to assist others in healing.

Throughout the weekend you will step into the world of mystical shamanic energy, weaving ancient wisdom with practical applications, designed to shift the way you approach healing and the world.

Practical tools and techniques from various shamanic traditions will be presented, with specific focus on the Andean Shamanic traditions.

You will learn to open your intuitive knowing, seeing and tracking abilities, and access allies and support and guidance. You will discover the roots of emotional, physical, and spiritual imbalance and create lasting changes.

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Each Day You Will

    • Deepen your intuition, your seeing abilities, and your work with guides and allies.
    • Understand and work with luminous body and healing from the shamanic perspective.
    • Get to the root cause of challenges and create shifts on all levels: emotional, physical, mental and spiritual on the deeper level.

It’s amazing to have learned how to HEAL MYSELF through this work. The energy medicine training with Ashera taught me how to be my own healer,  My gratitude is endless.  ~ Nisa Wolf
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Day 1 of the Training Includes

      • Clearing imprints in energy body and balancing the chakra system
      • The Illumination Process
      • Working in sacred space & containers
      • Walking with protection & cleansing yourself and your space
      • Shamanic Journeying Process
      • Tracking across time lines

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Day 2 of the Training Includes

      • Understanding the practice of cord cutting
      • Ancestral healing practices
      • Shamanic Journeying
      • Intro to Soul Retrieval
      • Intro to Destiny Retrieval
      • Intro to Parallel Realities

Ashera’s guidance was so very beneficial for my well being, both personally and professionally. She offered many tools that enhanced my ability to more deeply tune into my intuition. This process opened my heart, helped shine light upon my gifts, and helped me trust myself more fully. ~ Dana Smith-Wisdom Coach


      • March 16th & 17th, Sat. & Sun.
      • Saturday (Single Day) Option Available
      • 10am-6pm
      • Location: The Alchemy Mystery School in Edmonds, WA
      • Near downtown Edmonds, Address given upon registration.

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Space is limited!
Reserve now to guarantee your place.[spacer height=”20px”]


Register for One Day or Two

$475 for the Complete Training

$250 for Saturday Alone

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March 16 – 17

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March  17

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You’ll receive the workshop address and other logistics when you register.

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About Ashera

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Ashera Serfaty of Luminosity Healing Arts is a Transformational Coach, Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner and Advanced Theta Practitioner.  She weaves ancient wisdom with easy-to-practice tools to awaken others’ authentic power and purpose.

Ashera has trained for over 15 years in Energy Medicine and Shamanic Healing in a variety of lineages. In addition, while living in Peru for seven years, Ashera trained directly in the Andean indigenous traditions and the lineage of wisdom keepers.  Ashera is a full Mesa carrier in the Peruvian Q’ero tradition and has received the sacred rite transmissions from the Q’ero wisdom keepers from the Andes.

For the past twelve years, Ashera has worked with individuals in her private practice, as well as leading workshops, trainings and transformational retreats. As a practitioner and guide Ashera is passionate about assisting others on the path of remembering their true authentic selves, their life purpose and freedom,

To learn more about Ashera and her work, and to schedule a personal session, visit her website at

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