Solar Eclipse Tarot: Intelligence of the Heart

Happy Solar Eclipse!

The Solar Eclipse and Aquarius New Moon occurs at 1:05 pm PST on Thurs, Feb. 15.

Our Solar eclipse, which follows the Full Moon Lunar eclipse two weeks ago, opens a new connection to your ability to access your true intelligence through your inner guidance system.

We’re talking here about the highest form of Aquarian intelligence, which is the quality of expanded wisdom that resides within your heart.

It’s the wisdom within your heart that gives you access to true understanding, including the ability to align with the ongoing rhythms and cycles and patterns within the natural world.

It’s this intelligence of the heart, aligned with the wisdom of Nature, that teaches us what it really means to be human. The natural qualities of human nature include cooperation, tolerance, compassion and generosity. These qualities are all highlighted this year through the energy signature of the Earth Dog, which formally begins with this New Moon.

This is a year that promises to deliver much good fortune, especially to those who are willing and able to show up for the opportunity.

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Connecting to the Light Within

The Star card in tarot represents the energy of the Aquarius New Moon. This image is a beautiful illustration of your ability to connect now more fully to the truth of your inner light.

We are each made of stars. This lifetime is about remembering the truth of the light that we hold within.

In the coming month you can receive new connection to your inner guidance and a new sense of alignment with the underlying patterns of harmony that connect and sustain us all.

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The Shadow of the Eclipse

As we launch the Year of the Dog, the Solar eclipse is illuminating Shadow in very specific ways that will enable you to move forward with clear intention. If you can pay attention to what’s being revealed this month, both personally and in the world around you, you will receive important keys for your path forward this year.

The gift of expanded consciousness this month, including the gifts illuminated by the Shadow, will help you show up more fully to the natural intelligence that’s held within your heart.

Living in the heart requires the courage to be vulnerable and authentic. To be vulnerable we must ultimately be willing to release our bad habits and patterns of limitation, including criticism and blame, of ourselves and of each other. We must realize that we can only take responsibility for our own actions.

It’s important to say here that releasing habits of blame does NOT ever mean that we are to accommodate bad behavior. Everyone must ultimately experience the consequences of their choices. This is how we learn. To release patterns of blame simply means that we choose not to waste our life force, but rather own the lesson and move forward.

Releasing blame also does not mean turning a blind eye to injustice. Quite the opposite. Truth rises as a force when it is aligned within the larger good. The more we join together this year to stand for the collective good, the more the world will change.

This is a time of unprecedented challenge and equally great opportunity. They are two sides of the same coin. When we are able to receive our challenges as opportunities, the Shadow is no longer hidden, no longer buried through fear or blame, but becomes our friend and trusted companion. This is where true power lies.

We are in this together. The Shadow is revealing what has long suppressed us. We all have lessons to learn, and there is abundant well being and support available for us all.

This year is about traveling together. It’s about choosing friendship, cooperation, tolerance, generosity and kindness, and through these choices stepping into loving and responsible relationships with ourselves and each other.

Above all, this is a year to bring Good into the world.

There’s much wonderful adventure to be had.

Let’s do this!


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Solar Eclipse Tarot: Feb. 15 – Mar. 17

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