Spiritual Travel to Egypt

“Mysteries of Egypt” Spiritual Tour

Our next Egypt journey is scheduled for November 2019.

The 2019 Egypt trip will be led by Irene Ingalls. For more information about Irene and the specifics of this year’s trip, visit Irene’s website at SeattleSoundTemple.com

Join us for the journey of a lifetime.

This trip is an opportunity for you to come home to yourself and connect with your essence and deepest life purpose in new and lasting ways.

Egypt’s temples and sacred sites are waiting for YOU!

The  Itinerary

Our journey begins in a private sunrise ceremony between the paws of the Sphinx. Here you will connect with ancient wisdom and receive energetic support for your trip.

Over the course of the next two weeks we will travel to many other sacred sites, including the temples of Isis, Osiris, Horus, Sekhmet and Hathor.

Each site visit will include a personally guided tour by our world-renowned Egyptologist. There will also be ample time for personal exploration. When circumstances allow, we will also gather for guided meditation and simple ceremony.

Because of our small group, the flexible schedule, and experienced staff, we will visit each site at the most opportune time for privacy and solitude. Some sites are reserved in advance and guaranteed to be available for ceremony and ritual.

Our Vessel

We travel the Nile on the Afandina, an intimate luxury yacht designed specifically for this journey.

The environment has been carefully prepared and the willing crew is there to ensure your comfort and well being.

 The Gift of Private Visits

Your trip includes private visits to three of the most powerful sacred sites on Earth.

Each private visit is a full two hours in length. The visit begins with a simple and powerful ceremony designed to open the spiritual technology of the site.

Ample personal time follows, enabling you to receive the gifts that await.

Private visits include:

  • Trip initiation at sunrise between the paws of the Sphinx.
  • Sunrise ceremony at Philae and the Holy of Holies dedicated to Isis.
  • Final ceremony at Giza, in the King’s Chamber within the Great Pyramid.

 Your Personal Journey

Our daily schedule offers ample opportunity for personal time, reflection, and integration.

The Afandina is spacious with a variety of gathering places so that each person finds what they need, from conversation and play to solitary quiet.

During the cruise, Elizabeth and Irene will lead daily circles, as well as energy sessions and sound baths to help you integrate the frequencies of the sacred sites and all that you are learning.

The Trip of a Lifetime

Every aspect of this trip has been carefully planned to provide an optimal experience.

Our family at Quest Travel cares for all of our needs and facilitates every aspect of our journey.

Upon arrival in Egypt, you will be personally greeted and transported to the Mena House Hotel, located at the base of the Great Pyramid.

  • The next “Mysteries of Egypt” Spiritual Tour is planned for 2019.
  • Contact us now to receive early notice we we open registration.
  • We strongly recommend trip and travel insurance.
  • See Travel Tips for Egypt to help with your planning and preparations.
  • We are happy to answer questions about travel insurance and all the other logistics of the trip.


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“Mysteries of Egypt” Tour Leaders

The 2019 Egypt trip will be led by Irene Ingalls and Laura Bailey.

For more information about Irene and Laura and the specifics of this year’s trip, visit Irene’s website at SeattleSoundTemple.com