Spring Lunar Journals are Here – Order Yours TODAY!

It’s time to order your Spring Lunar Journal!

Spring is all about personal creativity, health, freedom, and new beginnings. The Spring Lunar Manifesting Journal will show you how to harness this vitality of the new season in your daily life.

At each New Moon, beginning April 5, you’ll tap into the specific energy signature for that Lunar month.

Then as each phase unfolds over the coming 28 days, you’ll be guided with activities that will help you align your decisions and actions within the natural rhythms of your life.

The Lunar Journal makes this process personal by showing you how to use oracle cards with the Lunar cycle. Beginning with the New Moon, at each lunar phase you will learn how to use your favorite oracle cards to receive your own messages and insight. (The Journal is designed with tarot cards, however you can use any oracle deck of your choosing.)

Order your Lunar Journal today and launch YOUR spring season with the manifesting power of the Moon.

Here’s to abundant health and well-being for us all,


PS: The Spring Lunar Journal begins with the Aries New Moon on April 5th. Order by March 31 to receive your journal in time for New Moon manifesting.

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