Taurus Full Moon – A Time of New Awakening

Happy Full Moon!
The Taurus Full Moon occurred on Saturday, October 31st at 7:49 am PT.

This is an unusually potent Full Moon, with the power to activate new experiences of personal awakening and new levels of emotional strength and empowerment.

The energies of this Full Moon are so powerful because of a very rare exact conjunction with the planet Uranus, which is activating new possibilities, new revelations, and unexpected events for us all.

Uranus is the planet that supports transformation. It breaks apart whatever is out of alignment with the momentum of creation.

With Uranus, what looks like destruction is actually allowing for the reconstruction of the world in a new form.

In tarot, The Fool represents the transforming energy of Uranus.

This is the opportunity of new beginnings and unlimited possibility.

The strength lies in your firm connection to your heart (the emerald green) and willingness to let go of the past (feet off the ground).

You are in a process of new birth.

This is a time to hold fast to your values for freedom and justice, and welcome your sense of adventure and desire to show up for a better world for us all.

Expect the unexpected. Hold curiosity for new insights, new revelations, new awareness and new inspiration for the future.

Trust that you are in the right place at the right time to receive exactly what you need and remember that healing happens through challenge as well as ease.

This Full Moon is designed to offer new realizations that will help you transcend distortion, confusion and fear so you can align with the highest and best for yourself and others.

The Full Moon video message and intuitive reading offers practical ways to align with new stability and trust moving forward.

In the midst of darkness we are always guided by the light within.

Trust the light and celebrate your connections with those with whom you travel.

The new birth is real.



Full Moon Message: Oct. 31 – Nov 14





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