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The Alchemy Leadership Program

This program will be offered again in 2021.

Personal Empowerment
for Meaningful Change

The Alchemy Leadership Program is designed for those who have participated in at least two years of Mystery School. This program integrates the best of what the Mystery School has to offer, with advanced tools and practical strategies to enable you to overcome limitations and expand momentum toward your intentions and dreams.

Keys to Contribution

You came into this world with something unique to offer. This program is all about connecting YOU with your unique gifts and the vision of your soul’s calling. The year is organized around the four key leadership qualities of:


You already possess these four qualities and each one has the potential to become a superpower. The Leadership Program will help you better understand and develop your unique signatures of Creativity, Intelligence, Power, and Love so that you can step more fully into your highest path.

The Program

Astrology – Unlocking Your Natal Chart

You will learn how to sync your personal natal chart with the current astrology of the Sun. We’ll “set your clock” at our first workshop and then you’ll track your chart throughout the year, learning how to access all of the significant transits as they unfold.

Over the course of the year you will develop your own personal astrology calendar that you can use every year moving forward.

Tarot – “The Seven Steps of Unfolding”

Wisdom teachings show us that we each move through seven steps on our inner path to wholeness. Your personal journey through these steps can be accessed through a secret method within the Tarot.

Each month, March through October, you will receive the codes and attunement for one of these steps. This will be the first time this advanced material has been taught in the Mystery School.

The Four Great Powers of the Sphinx

Each month you will receive new tools and practical ways to integrate the key teachings we have explored in previous years.

In Mystery School we explore these mysteries through many practices, including the Four-Fold Way, the Four Agreements, the Four Directions, and the Four Leadership Keys listed above. All of these systems interface directly with the four factors of your personal blueprint of destiny, known as your Cross of Dharma.

Since ancient times these four universal keys to your Destiny have been expressed through the Riddle of the Sphinx: “To Know, To Will, To Dare, and To Be Silent.” This is the year to make these keys visible in your life!

Feng Shui – Reading the World as Your Mirror

Tending your physical environment will be a priority during the coming year of the Earth Dog. You’ll learn some new and advanced Feng Shui tools and practices, with guidance in how to apply them.

You will also learn ways to intuitively “read” your environment, using skills you have developed with tarot and other oracle cards. This will be fun!

Energy Medicine – Daily Practices for Well Being

Physical and emotional health will be highlighted during the Earth Dog of 2018. In order to support our physical bodies as they adapt to environmental changes, we must continually upgrade and refine our daily practices of well being.

This year we’ll use the power of the group to refine and expand our tools so that we can nourish our physical and emotional bodies through this time of Great Change. We’ll also strengthen the tools that we can offer others.

Qabalah and the Tree of Life

This is a year to bring our spiritual work, personal tools, and wisdom teachings, into the world in practical ways. Throughout all aspects of this year’s program you will have the opportunity to integrate the principles you’ve learned from our previous years of exploration.

In addition, each month you’ll learn at least one new mystical practice or ritual that embeds within the current topic.

The Daily Messages and Distance Energy Work

Daily intuitive video messages, received at least five times a week, will arrive via text and help you personally align with the current rhythms of time.

This year each daily messages will end with a distance energy treatment to integrate the guidance and message for the day. You’ll receive the support whether or not you listen to the message.

This year, the daily messages will also help you learn how to directly work with the solar energy of the daily Sabian symbol, syncing it with your natal astrology chart and the current Lunar cycle.

This Program was Last Offered in 2018, Year of the Earth Dog.

2018 was a year to fully show up. It was also a year to harness the power of the group to support your growth.

The Earth Dog is all about manifesting your dreams in physical ways in the world, and The Alchemy Leadership Program is designed to make that happen.

Through the power of collaboration and commitment to our best we’ll move together beyond what we’ve ever imagined possible.

Let’s DO this!

The Leadership Program will be offered again in 2021.


Bonus Offerings

  • An advanced Astrological reading of your personal “Leadership Signature.” Your personal Leadership Signature will become a life-long touchstone that helps you understand how to bring your Wisdom, Creativity, Power and Heart to the world.
  • Full access to all materials and updated manuals from the expanded Alchemy Mastery 101 Program. These manuals will be integrated into our monthly explorations to enable you to revisit any previous studies, and take them to the next level.
  • A manual of all materials from the Mystery School Qabalah program, years 1-3.



  • Monthly Workshops meet the third weekend of each month, Feb. through Nov., 10 am – 5 pm.
  • Evening Circle meets the first week of the month, 7-9 pm.
  • Optional Small Group Calls with other members of the group will anchor your intentions and personal explorations.


  • Prerequisites: Because of the advanced nature of this work, the Alchemy Leadership Program is only open to those who have participated in at least 2 years of Mystery School studies.
  • Tuition for the 2018 Leadership Program is $4,455.
  • Payment can be made in 9 installments of $495 per month, Feb. – Oct.
  • Contact Elizabeth for more information or to register for the program.
  Group Programs are Limited to 12 People. Don’t Miss Out. Register Now!