The Cosmos

The Cosmos and YOU.

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This lifetime is about coming home to yourself and learning the ways in which you are powerful beyond what you have ever imagined.

The more you expand into your true Self, the more you experience the truth of Love as the universal force that unites us all.

This Force of Love, the mysterious and cosmic Will-to-Good, operates at all levels and dimensions of form, from entire galaxies to the atoms that make up your body.

The consciousness of Love is the powerful glue that maintains dynamic harmony through all the rhythms of time and change. The Universe is governed by this consciousness of Love. When we learn to live in harmony with these rhythms we experience the support that exists everywhere and always.

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The Power of the Moon

One of the easiest and most direct ways to step into harmony with the cosmos is to connect with theĀ  energies of the Lunar Cycle.

Every New Moon you have the opportunity for a re-boot. Two weeks later at the Full Moon you can receive new realization and insight regarding your circumstances. These rhythms are ongoing always moving with natural ebbs and flows of growth.

The more you attune to the rhythms around you the more you can flow and live with ease.

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