The Daily GOLD

Guidance Of Light for Your Day

The Daily GOLD

Guidance Of Light for Your Day

The Daily GOLD is a powerful support system that combines daily energy work and original written transmissions to help you build consistent and balanced momentum in your life toward the clear direction of your dreams.


Each day of life holds a completely unique potential.


The Daily GOLD helps you connect to your day so that you can engage directly with the Universe, and show up fully to whatever opportunities and challenges unfold.


This strategic system of support will help you apply your tools and practices in concrete ways. Because it’s tuned specifically to your day, the Daily GOLD enables you to connect directly with the signs and synchronicities from the Universe as they unfold around you.

How this Powerful Program Works

The Daily GOLD arrives each day in two ways.

  • First thing every morning you’ll receive a distance energy session, directly aligning you to the energies of the day. (The session begins at 8 am PT.)
  • Later in the morning you’ll receive a personal text message, with an original channeled teaching composed just for the day.

The daily messages are received in meditation through a portal that opens in the exact zodiac degree of the Sunrise at dawn. These energies will be available whenever you need them, throughout your day and moving forward.

Extra Support for Your Day

The Daily Gold comes to us through the Council of Light, a group of Ascended Masters who oversee our Galaxy. They offer these messages to help you connect with your personal path of healing each day.


Each daily message holds unique codes designed for each participant, to help you personally align with the opportunities in your life as they unfold.


Every person in the group receives what they need. The energies build on each other from day to day, in alignment with the processes of life.


By connecting with these messages each day you can connect directly with the creative unfolding in your life.

Daily Inspiration

Just $33 per month

Once you enroll you’ll be automatically billed $33.00 per month.


You can cancel anytime. If you no longer wish to receive the Daily GOLD simply email us and we’ll unsubscribe you, no questions asked.


10% of all proceeds from the Daily GOLD will be donated to local and global service projects that support health and healing for our communities and our world.

Read Previous Daily GOLD Messages

The word for today is ‘Mastery.’ The archetype for 10° Pisces is ‘An Aviator pursues their journey, flying through ground-obscuring clouds.’


Today the Universe affirms your ability to navigate challenges in life by relying on the intuitive powers beyond your five senses.


The pilot is you. The ground-obscuring clouds represent your need to navigate by radar (inner guidance) rather than your five senses. The plane is your multidimensional body (merkaba) integrating all aspects of your being into a unified whole that allows you to FLY, and transcend the illusion of being trapped in physical form.

Although this is a solo endeavor you don’t travel alone. Your plane is the result of untold generations of innovation and spiritual technology, the strong support of legions of ancestors who have prepared the way, including your past and future Selves.


Mastery is a process. It’s time to release your reliance on external markers (the ground) and trust your inner guidance system and spiritual support to show the way.


Today, affirm the truth that you ARE on your path, that you CAN trust your inner guidance, and that you DO have the tools and support you need to journey forward into new realms of experience.

You’ve got this!


The Universe

The message for today is ‘Walking On.’ The archetype for 11° Pisces is ‘People traveling a narrow path, seeking illumination.’


Today’s message reminds you of the opportunity in every moment, step by step, to recommit to your spiritual path. The ‘narrow path’ is one of choice and commitment. This is a journey of intention, open to the strong and pure of heart.


The ‘people on the path’ signify that you’re part of a vast collective. You walk with physical companions, as well as multitudes of non-physical friends, helpers and Guides. You’re also supported by the many ancestors who have gone ahead to pave the way. Step by step you are guided by the Light, reaching beyond what you have known, to come to new levels of realization of what is possible.


This is a day to remember that illumination and infinite potential exist in the present Now. ‘Walking on’ means to be fully engaged in your life. Others can show the way, but it is up to each of us, moment by moment, to take the next step.


What holy steps will you take today?

Follow the light. There is much joy in store.



The Universe

The word for today is ‘Valour.’ The archetype for 12 Pisces is: ‘In the sanctuary of the Council of Light, newly initiated members are being examined and their character tested.’


The Council of Light is the guiding spiritual body of our world. It’s made up of thousands of light beings throughout the Galaxy. They welcome you today into membership as an initiate on your personal journey of return.


The test of character isn’t about worthiness or deservability. You have nothing to prove. It’s time to leave those prisons behind! All that’s required for admission is your willingness to show up, the courage to walk your personal path of healing so you can live in harmony with the dictates of universal law.


In other words, entrance into the galactic community of Light simply requires your allegiance to the law of Love. The test of character is to show up for the journey so you can heal the illusion of separation and move into alignment, step by step, with health and abundant well being.


This is the true meaning of Valour: To embrace the journey, to know that you are worthy, to release judgment toward yourself and others, and to trust that all is well.


The ‘Sanctuary of the Temple’ is always present. You’ll find the key within your heart. In every moment you are welcomed Home. You carry a royal lineage from the stars. You’re capable of more than you have ever known. This is a day to embrace your life and the truth of your sovereignty as a Being of Light.



The Universe

A Stable Foundation for Growth

We are in a period of unprecedented growth and change. These original messages are received each day through focused meditation. They will strengthen and support you and provide context to the challenges that you face. Together we are building our future visions of health and abundant well being.

The Daily GOLD strengthens your

  • confidence and trust
  • flexibility
  • inspiration
  • grounding
  • ability to make clear decisions

These messages are based on the real, tangible and concrete energies of the day. As you follow each day’s message, over time you’ll strengthen your intuitive connection to these fields and your alignment with the natural flow of the universe.

A Unique Opportunity

Until now this program has only been available to individuals who are enrolled in the Alchemy Mystery School programs. This summer we’re expanding the Daily GOLD to our larger community so that our family and friends can also benefit from this powerful daily practice.


Cost: Just $33 per month.

Once you enroll you’ll be automatically billed $33.00 per month.

You can cancel anytime. If you no longer wish to receive the Daily GOLD simply email us and we’ll unsubscribe you, no questions asked.


10% of all proceeds from the Daily GOLD will be donated to local and global service projects that support health and healing for our communities and our world.

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We are being called together to create a New Birth for ourselves and our Earth.
The opportunity and need has never been greater.


Receive a daily infusion of support so you can stay aligned with the momentum of change.

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What Our Participants Say
"The Daily GOLD is an indispensable part of my day. It keeps me grounded and inspired so I can directly tap into the momentum of my daily life and build toward my future."
San Francisco
"These daily messages are SO powerful and on point for me right now. Thank you beyond words for this daily dose of inspiration and practical support."
"The Daily Gold is priceless! The special lens of the daily oracle message creates a concrete touchstone in my day and magnifies all the magic and synchronicity in a clear way so I can really focus on what matters most."

Let Your Daily GOLD Begin Today!

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