The Pisces New Moon: New Hope is Revealed

Happy New Moon!


Our New Moon in Pisces is bringing you a welcome opportunity to experience new-found hope and certainty of your path forward into a better future.


The past months have been enormously challenging for us all. Systems of control and abuse of power are being dismantled. 

On the personal level we are also dismantling those circumstances, patterns and beliefs that have held us back from our true selves.


All of the challenges, both personal and collective, are evidence of necessary and positive change. We have been releasing these limiting patterns from the past in order to heal and grow. Together we are expanding into new levels of freedom, health and justice for all. 


Now, with our Pisces New Moon you can find yourself in a new and welcome place of expanded understanding and hope.

Pisces Theme: Expanding into New Worlds

On the personal level the Pisces New Moon will help you to expand into new qualities of intuitive perception, trust, and hope in the future.


Pisces is the last of the twelve zodiac signs. It gathers and unifies all that has gone before. Here we experience our connection to others and the mysteries of life beyond our understanding.


The Moon card in tarot represents the zodiac sign of Pisces.  The image in the card pictures the gates of initiation that we must cross in order to step into the larger life that awaits.  

In Pisces we must face our fears. The image of Anubis guarding the gate reminds you that, once you commit to your path, you always have the spiritual support you need.


Pisces energy is vast, deep and mysterious. It takes us beyond personal limitations into larger fields of connection and union with all of life.


This is a time to feel deeply. It’s a time to honor your emotions and look for the wisdom that lies beneath the surface of things. Like the Sun just beneath the horizon in the image of the card, hope is real and dawn returns. New realizations and new revelations await.

Neptune: The Power of Trust and Surrender

The most important quality of our New Moon astrology is the Sun/Moon conjunction with Neptune. Neptune rules Pisces, so this is an enormous New Moon activation.


Neptune represents transcendence and the dissolving of limitation. Neptune enables you to see beyond illusion and false perceptions so you can evolve into higher spiritual frequencies.

With Neptune, Sun and Moon all working together in Pisces there is powerful personal energy available now to support your transcendence, your ability to move beyond every form of limitation and obstacle.


The Hanged Man card in tarot represents Neptune and the transcending power that comes through your commitment to your spiritual path. Being suspended in the Ankh (the cross at the top of the card) represents surrender, your willingness to trust your spiritual path, moving beyond fear and knowing that you will be held.


When you learn to trust your inner connection to the Divine you receive new revelations about yourself and your world. This is symbolized by being turned upside down, and seeing things from an entirely new perspective.


Neptune enables you to trust in the larger processes of life, so you can release your fears and experience the full truth of who you are.  This is a time to see and realize what you have never seen before. It’s a time to see beyond illusion and distortion, in order to experience new levels of freedom and hope.

Tarot Spread for the Pisces Moon

Knowing the important opportunities of our Pisces New Moon, I drew the following spread, asking for a message of support and practical advice.

This spread affirms the expanded energies of empowered hope and new fulfillment, especially through your commitment to your spiritual path, your willingness to see beyond illusion, and your ability to trust in your visions of a bright future for us all.


Please see the video that follows for the full reading.


The future is bright, and together we are experiencing the first stages of birth of the New Earth.


Take care of yourself, show compassion to yourself and others, and trust in the Light to guide your way forward.


Thank you for all you are doing for our world.

Happy New Moon,

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