Travel with the Mystery School

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Our small-group journeys to sacred sites are personal and life-changing.

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Each trip is carefully planned to offer you a personal and direct connection to the ancient wisdom teachings embedded in the land, as well as the kindness, vitality and beauty of the people who live there.

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Transformational Journey to Sacred Peru

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“Awaken to the Mystery”
November 15-29, 2018

Awaken to the mystery of who you truly are.

In the mountains of Peru you will receive a new connection to Mother Earth as well as your ancestral lineage from the Stars.

This journey is a carefully planned rite of passage, taking you to some of the most powerful places on Earth where you’ll receive high frequencies of heart centered beauty and healing energy.

This is a trip like no other. Come with us as we weave our way through the Sacred Valley and its mystical sites and portals. Peru’s mountains, temples and sacred sites are waiting for YOU! Read more.

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Mysteries of Egypt Spiritual Tour

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The next Egypt Journey is scheduled for Spring of 2019.

This trip is an opportunity for you to come home to yourself and connect with your essence and deepest life purpose in new and lasting ways.

Our journey begins in a private sunrise ceremony between the paws of the Sphinx. Here you will connect with ancient wisdom and receive energetic support for your trip.

Over the course of the next two weeks we will travel to many other sacred sites, including the temples of Isis, Osiris, Horus, Sekhmet and Hathor. Read more.


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