Virgo Full Moon: Surrender to the Power of LOVE

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The Virgo Full Moon occurred on Monday, March 9, at 10:48 am PT.[spacer height=”20px”]

Every Full Moon provides an opportunity to experience new understanding, as the Moon and Sun bring to light new opportunities and new realizations for growth.

This week’s Full Moon brings an especially significant illumination through the opposition of Virgo (Moon) and Pisces (Sun).

In astrology Virgo represents the personal completion of a cycle of development as a unique individual, while Pisces represents the completion of a cycle of development as a participant in the larger collective.

Virgo is about personal excellence and mastery, while Pisces calls us into full surrender to something larger than ourselves.

Finding the balance between Self and Other is one of the greatest paradoxes of life. In order to fully actualize, we must develop both our personal identity, as well as our capacity to trust and surrender.

In other words, being fully human is about claiming your unique individuality, while at the same time surrendering your attachment to that individuality, so you can continually expand into something larger than yourself.

This Full Moon is activating this paradox. It’s calling us each to be full participants in the world by learning to fully trust in what is unseen, including the truth of what inspires us, and our ability to create together.

The Power of Surrender

In tarot the principle of Surrender is illustrated through the Hanged Man. This is also the card for Neptune, which plays a significant role in our Full Moon astrology, being conjunct (directly next to) the Sun.

Neptune dissolves the past in order to create new worlds that transcend and transform what we have known.

The image in the card shows the importance of trust in all processes of transformation, allowing ourselves to be held so we can evolve to new levels of personal awareness.

The transformation of our world is real. The transformation within each of us is real. What can be confusing is that this transformation is happening beneath the surface of physical reality, at the level of the Soul.

When we base our trust of reality on physical security and external circumstances, then it’s all too easy to succumb to fear, especially during times of challenge or change, as our “reality” dismantles.

It’s easy to make this mistake because fear feels REAL. In truth, fear becomes our future “reality” only when we project our fears into the future and then create them.

This isn’t about judgment or punishment. It’s simply what is. Learning these lessons of Love and Fear is why we came.

Fear is prevalent. So are the voices of reason that call us back to Love.

Full Moon Tarot

I received the following spread when I meditated on the Full Moon, asking what we need to know now about Surrender and the power of Love to heal our world. As happens when the Universe is aligned with support, the cards practically flew out of the deck.

This spread is not only beautiful, but incredibly affirming of the healing power of your personal path of Heart, which is the overall theme of our current Lunar cycle. The key to this message lies within the central card.

The Two of Swords, Peace, in the position of Mind emphasizes the importance now of committing to a calm and centered awareness. This includes all practices of inner grounding and centering, such as focusing on your breath, in order to come back to alignment when you experience stress or fear.

This card also speaks to the value of daily practice which is especially helpful right now. Daily practice, a few minutes both morning and evening, resets your system and builds your muscles of inner alignment so you can be more mindful and present throughout the day.

Another word for this card is “Silence.” This is a time to silence the voices of fear so you can move into the presence of Love and hear the wise voice your inner Guide. You’ll know you’re aligned with the momentum of positive change when you feel still and calm within.

The Queen of Disks in the position of Body & Circumstances affirms your ability to make good decisions now, with focus on self care and confidence in the future. The Queen is a symbol of authentic leadership, expressing new levels of mastery through inner trust, and commitment to your values and the truth of abundant well being.

The Empress in the position of Spirit affirms our Full Moon message of inner power by helping you align with Love and the healing that comes from your Heart. Along with the Queen of Disks, the Empress is a card of Leadership through inner authority and congruence of mind and heart. In the position of Spirit this indicates that you can ask for help now to strengthen these abilities, and help will be available.

Remember that All is Well

The final card of this spread is The Moon. By synchronicity this is also the card for Pisces, and our current Lunar cycle.

In the position of “Something Else to Consider,” this represents a powerful affirmation that all is well, and that we can trust the reality of the mystery of transformation beneath the surface of what is seen.

As in the image shown here we are, indeed, crossing a threshold into a new world.

Healing and transformation happen beneath the physical world, at the level of Soul. What is already in physical form is only what was created in the past, NOT what is being created in the present moment.

Trust requires us to live by the truth of what is unseen, and to remember that the Law of the Universe is Love.

The shadow of the current Full Moon – and the shadow of The Moon card itself – is the experience of fear and isolation.

The experience of fear is common when we face the unknown. When we remember that we’re not alone (shown by Anubis guarding the threshold) we can connect within to the deeper energies of Soul and the power of love to heal (as expressed in the tarot reading above). This is how we return to balance. In this way we can also be available to encourage others about the underlying power of healing momentum that is present.

Love carries us forward now in a huge swell of new birth. We are called now to trust in the truth and power of the Love that guides creation, and the Good that binds us together.

This is a time to find your inner ground. Trust your guidance, trust the stream, trust the strength of our collective power to speak for Truth, and trust the healing flow of momentum that carries us forward.

The healing force for Good is real. There is a new day dawning. Trust and Allow. You’ve got this!

Happy Full Moon.



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