Virgo New Moon: A Time of Fortunate Change

Happy New Moon!

The Virgo New Moon occurs on Friday, August 30th at 3:37 am PDT.

I am so happy to be connecting with you on the eve of such an unusual and auspicious New Moon.

We’re in the midst of a strong pattern of momentum. Our recent Lunar cycles and powerful eclipses have held themes of liberation, freedom from the past, and laying a foundation for new beginnings.

Now we are in a place to begin to bring our new creations into form. This Moon holds the very real opportunity for new circumstances and fortunate change to appear in your life.

Because it’s so significant, I’m going to depart a bit from my usual format and begin by summarizing the astrology chart for the New Moon.

This chart features a beautiful Grand Trine (the blue equilateral triangles) which indicates a new form of harmonic growth or breakthrough. Because this an Earth trine (made up of the three earth signs), it indicates change that is tangible and concrete.

This is an unusually rare grand trine because of the number of planets directly involved, especially the cluster that surrounds the Sun and Moon in Virgo, all very nearly conjunct. This cluster is made up of all of the five personal planets (Sun through Mars) and signifies the activation of the highest and best of Virgo’s qualities in your life.

The other two points of the Grand Trine are giving specific support to this new possibility for change, especially by liberating you (Uranus) from past patterns (Pluto/Saturn) and allowing something completely new to occur.

Jupiter and Neptune are the only planets not in the trine. They connect with the Virgo cluster to create a perfect t-square (the red right-angled triangle). The t-square is indicating your ability to take clear action, make good decisions, access new perspectives, and apply self discipline in order to move forward in fortunate new directions.

The two forms working together –  the grand trine and the t-square – are anchored in the Virgo cluster, which indicates your ability to harness Virgo’s qualities of mastery and self discipline in order to fully participate in something new and beneficial.

This new creation can transcend whatever has happened before, in your personal life or in the world at large. What matters now is to use your tools and practices to stay centered and grounded so that you can participate in whatever changes occur. Old habits and patterns of fear and stress can be transcended now. It’s an interesting fact that the signature of excitement and apprehension can feel the same in our body, meaning we can misinterpret excitement for fear, and vice versa.

Virgo has a natural ability to work with intensity, so this is a great time to set new habits around old patterns of stress or fear of change.

There’s so much more to say! Please watch the video message for additional insights into the unique energies of Virgo, and how you can personally connect with these opportunities. (Perhaps it’s no surprise that our New Moon tarot spread is also amazing…)

Happy New Moon. May you have a blessed month of new creation.


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