Virgo New Moon: Claiming the Power to Heal

Happy New Moon!
The Virgo New Moon occurred on Thursday, September 17, at 4 am PDT.

This continues to be an extraordinary time in our world.

Wherever you are in your daily life, and whatever your circumstances, my New Moon intention is to send you a message of hope and confidence in the present opportunity for healing and in the bright future we are creating.

Despite the difficulties I am filled with enormous optimism.

I feel more strongly every day that we are firmly on our path of healing and that our momentum is building toward a better world.

Wherever you are as you read this message I am sending much love, with intentions for healing and light.

Please watch the video message below for our New Moon tarot reading, with practical tools and ways to connect with your guidance so you can navigate the opportunities and challenges you face.

We are one family and together as one we will rise.

We hold space now for all those who are suffering and experiencing loss, that they may receive the support they need.

We hold space for our Mother Earth and the healing of our precious world.

We also hold space for those in positions of leadership, that they may connect now to their highest and best in order to make decisions in alignment with freedom, health and life for all.

Believe now in the power to heal, and believe in the momentum we are building together toward our future. There are millions of us now who are waking up to the truth of our sovereign light.

Love wins.


New Moon Message: Sept. 17 – Oct. 16

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