Winter Solstice: Blessings of Love and Light

Happy Solstice!

I am so happy to connect with you at this special time.

At Winter Solstice the energies of life go inward and deep and we each receive a new gift of light.

This inner-light activates the seeds of potential and destiny that you carry within.

This year’s Winter Solstice is extraordinary because of all of the cosmic alignments that have led to this moment in time. This culminates now in the rare alignment between Saturn and Jupiter, who join together at 1° Aquarius, bringing a new energy of awakening for each of us.

Jupiter provides qualities of expansion and abundance, with the ability to manage your energies to grow beyond what you have known before.

Saturn creates the structure for your expansion, so you can anchor and achieve, and bring your dreams to form.

Together the alignments of this Solstice are opening doorways for new creation.

This is an extraordinary moment of new possibility and healing, beyond what we can even imagine.

Let us hold space in our hearts now for the birth of new light, with the highest and best for each other and our world.

This is our quiet time.

Release distraction and find your calm center.

Rest in the stillness and peace you find within your heart.

Honor the Great Mystery, give thanks for Life, and send your love out to the world, with prayers for healing.

Our future is bright.

It’s time to trust the Light.



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