Winter Solstice Full Moon: The Light We Hold Within

Happy Solstice and Happy Full Moon!

Greetings to you at this very special time, as we celebrate the return of light and the promise of new birth.

The word “solstice” comes from the Latin, meaning “sun stands still.” The Sun literally stands still at the moment of solstice, when it stops descending in the sky, pauses, and then begins to rise. Tomorrow the Sun will be a bit higher in our sky and each day will gradually lengthen until the summer solstice on June 21.

This quality of standing still is an important part of the meaning and experience of Winter Solstice. When the Sun pauses before it shifts direction, it energetically activates new potentials and anchors them into the new cycle and season of birth. We have the opportunity now to receive our own new birth, especially if we’re able to pause and move within. Through the quality of stillness we can more fully experience the activation and birth of our own inner light.

It’s this inner calm that enables us now to move into the depth and mystery of the light that we hold within. This light resides in each of us, and it’s this inner light that nourishes the seeds of possibility that we have created over the past months and years.

These seeds of potential, our creative intentions, our visions, our hopes and dreams, now germinate with the activation of the Solstice and the Full Moon.

Although it happens out of sight of the material world, the activation is very real. In the same way that the seed of a plant germinates in the dark, deep within the earth, so this is the season when new creations are germinating in our depths and growing inside us.

It’s easy to miss the quality of inner calm that is central to the energetic purpose of this time of year, especially as we get caught up in the busy-ness of holiday traditions, attempting to squeeze special events into an already full life.  There’s a story of the origin of the holiday wreath that I reflect on each year. (I don’t know if this story is literally true, but I love the symbolism it represents.) The story goes that the Yule-time evergreen wreath placed over the hearth was made from one of the wagon wheels of a cart. This cart wheel symbolized the ‘stopping’ of daily activity – the family wagon – in order to gather together and celebrate the birth of light.

The holiday season, a time of “holy-days,” is a potent time to step out of daily routine and make space for new growth. It’s a time to celebrate the gifts of light that we each bring, to feel the inspiration of what is possible in our world, and then to allow the time to nurture and nourish ourselves and each other.

This year’s solstice is accompanied by a Full Moon with a powerful signature of freedom and personal fulfillment. As you celebrate the holiday season with loved ones and friends, I invite you to explore ways to create more freedom, more calm and quiet, and more space and time, in order to experience the birth of what is germinating both within you and in the world around.

As we step into the inspiration of the new Light that is birthed today, may you experience the birth of new light in your own life, including the freedom of new choices, new beginnings, and new possibilities. And may you treasure the birth of all that you hold within. The seeds you have been preparing are now germinating and growing. They are still under the surface, but they are absolutely real. The coming days are a time to nurture these precious new seeds, the new potentials and possibilities that will manifest into new creations in the coming year.

May we experience now the blessings of new light and new hope for the possibilities we envision for our world. Our dreams and visions are real. During this sacred season of light, may we trust our dreams, may we celebrate the Love that binds us,  may we hold space for healing, and may we “nurture the seeds of peace we hold within, until they become the world.”

Sending love to each of you with intentions for a blessed season of Light,


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