The Tree of Life

Codes of Creation​

Unlocking the Codes of Creation

Finding the Keys to Your Highest and Best

tree of life

In 2021 we explore the mysteries of the Universe and the hidden keys to creation.

The Tree of Life is a multi-dimensional map of reality.

  • The Tree opens all of the processes of life, through all dimensions and realms.
  • This includes all the dimensions of YOU, both your inner and outer worlds.
  • Every experience in your life has a place of reference, with multiple access points and connections.

Our work together will reveal how to directly connect with the inner and outer worlds of consciousness, so you can harness the creative powers of the Universe in specific and concrete ways.

You will learn specific ways to:

  • Create with intention.
  • Clear karma and limiting patterns.
  • Expand your vision of what is possible and open a clear path forward.

This program will support your life in every way. 2021 will be a game-changer. The time is now!​

Wisdom Teachings Come to Life

This program integrates principles and tools from all of the Western Mystery traditions.

chakras and the stars

This program integrates principles and tools from all of the Western Mystery traditions.
Each month you’ll learn specific keys to creation, using all of the following elements:


  • Astrology
  • Tarot
  • Archangels and Guides
  • Mantra & Words of Power
  • Sacred Geometry & Number
  • Energy Medicine, Ritual & Ceremony
  • Physical Materials, including Crystals, Color, Animals, Plants, & Altars.

The wide variety of ways to explore the Tree ensures that you will find your own access points and paths of exploration.
That makes this work infinitely creative, effective, and FUN.

Program Elements

The following knowledge paths are integrated into all of the Mystery School programs.

  • Tarot
    A Transpersonal Tool for Intuitive Insight and Growth
  • Astrology
    Keys to Your Cosmic Blueprint
  • Sacred Geometry
    Patterns of Number and Form that Create the Universe
  • Hermetic Law
    The Universal Principles of Life
  • Energy Medicine
    Chakra Knowledge and Practices
  • Lunar Manifesting
    Attunement to the Rhythms of the Lunar Cycle
  • The I Ching
    Dialogue with the Inner Sage
  • Dowsing
    Tuning into Your Body’s Natural Intelligence
  • Ceremony and Ritual
    Practical Experience in Personal and Group Events
  • Multidimensional Communication
    Connecting with Your Ancestors, Teachers and Guides
  • Space Clearing
    Tools for Healthy Environments
  • Feng Shui
    Harnessing the Creative Energy of your Home 

Stepping into the Codes of Light

This is a uniquely personal journey

Every part of our work together is individualized.

  • Concrete touchstones help you apply what you learn directly to the circumstances of your daily life.
  • Powerful daily practices strengthen your intuition, physical health and abundant well being.
  • Codes on the Tree teach you how to turn challenge into opportunity, heal sabotaging patterns, and build momentum forward.
  • As life unfolds, your circumstances and intentions will be directly supported by our group gatherings and one-on-one energy sessions.

The world needs what you are here to offer. Over the course of the year you’ll integrate these wisdom teachings and practices into a strong foundation that you will use for the rest of your life.

Program Overview

Our Path of Return up the Tree follows your personal journey in life.

We begin by anchoring your roots deep into the Earth. Then we climb, step by step, to the upper branches of awareness, reaching to the Heavens and beyond.


As we travel, realm by realm, you’ll receive:

  • Teachings into the nature of truth and the laws of creation.
  • Material practices that bring magic, creativity, and vitality to daily life.
  • Energy medicine tools that empower and heal.

This program truly takes your life to the next level. There are no limits to what is possible.

Module One - Your Roots

Claiming Your Connection to the World

We launch in February with three days of immersion into the codes and symbols of the Tree.


  • From the beginning you’ll learn how to connect the Tree to daily life.
  • You’ll receive options for daily, weekly and monthly practices to enable you to integrate what you learn.
  • You’ll learn personal access points on the Tree, related to your natal astrology chart.


Initiations into the Sephiroh of Malkuth and Yesod


  • Malkuth, Kingdom, represents the realm of the physical world, including your body and material circumstances.
  • Yesod, Foundation, represents your Subconscious and the seat of deep wisdom that is held within your body and intuitive awareness.
  • The path from Malkuth to Yesod represents your journey of liberation from all perceptions of bondage and limitation. This is the beginning of true Magic.

Module Two: The Lower Triad

Harnessing the Power of Change

The Lower Triad

The lower triad rules the personality. This is the part of yourself that interfaces with daily life. In this triad you learn to be more balanced and embodied, to be healthy and well by using your mind and emotions in alignment with the power of your subconscious.


Learning to overcome the fear of change is a primary acquisition of the lower triad on the Tree.

When we overcome our fear of change we can unite the wisdom held within our intellect, our emotions, and our subconscious. This allows us to ground and experience new levels of abundance in all parts of life.


The Sephirah of the Lower Triad


  • Yesod, Foundation, represents your subconscious and the seat of intuitive wisdom held in your body.
  • Hod, Splendor, represents the power of your focused mind and your intellect.
  • Netzach, Victory, represents the power of your emotions and your feeling nature.

Module Three: The Middle Triad

Owning the Power of Choice

The Middle Triad

The middle triad is the realm of conscious awareness, intuition and choice.

Here you strengthen your connection to your intuition and your Higher Self.

By developing your powers of imagination, will, and memory you can participate more intentionally in daily life.

Learning new ways to own your circumstances and strengthen your power of choice is a key acquisition of the middle triad of the Tree.


The Sephirah of the Middle Triad
  • Tiphareth, Beauty, represents your connection to your Higher Self and the Great Work of your life.
  • Geburah, Severity, represents your Willpower and ability to take clear action so you can show up fully to all circumstances in life.
  • Chesed, Mercy, represents your capacity to develop your higher Mind so you can connect to the infinite flow of well being that supports your life.

Module Four: The Supernal Triad

Expanding into the Power of Love

The Upper Triad

The three Sephirah of the upper triad are known as ‘the Supernals,’ meaning transcendent consciousness. Here we connect with the highest energies of spiritual light.

These realms have traditionally been beyond access in daily life. However, as we continue on our rapid path of ascension, we are more and more able to consciously connect with these spiritual energies.

Learning how to expand into true love and compassion is the primary acquisition of the upper triad of the Tree. The journey into the upper realms is sacred and completely personal to each of us. 

The Sephirah of the Supernal Triad
  • Binah, Understanding, represents the energy of the Divine Mother, the receptive quality of cosmic consciousness that supports your foundation in life.
  • Chokmah, Wisdom, represents the energy of the Divine Father, the active quality of cosmic consciousness that supports your expansion into infinite potential.
  • Kether, Crown, represents the energy of Oneness, the great I AM of all creation.

Module Five: Activation

Claiming Your Power & Activating the Codes of Light

Information on the powerful conclusion in Module Five coming soon.

Monthly Themes

Each month you’ll have the opportunity for full immersion into one of the Sephirah.

A wide variety of related practices and paths will support your journey.

March: Malkuth, “Kingdom,” the Sphere of Physical Form.

This realm represents the material world, and the synthesis of all of the other realms of the tree into the flowering of form. Here we learn to fall in love with life and feel truly at home in the world.


April: Yesod, “Foundation,” the Sphere of the Subconscious.

This realm is your bridge from the physical world to all other dimensions of reality. Yesod is the key to opening the rest of the Tree. This is where we experience the foundation of mind, body, and spirit in daily life.

May: Hod, “Splendor,” the Sphere of the Intellect.

This is the realm of knowledge and magic and the transforming power of the mind.

June: Netzach, “Victory,” the Sphere of the Emotions.

This realm holds the power of emotional intelligence, which is our key to true victory in life. The work of the lower triad is about reclaiming this power in order to develop balance of mind, body and spirit.

July: Tiphareth, “Beauty,” the Sphere of the Imagination.

This is the center of the Tree and the point at which we connect to our higher Self. Here we learn to develop our imagination, and connect more deeply to the true meaning of our purpose.

August: Geburah, “Strength,” the Sphere of the Will.

In this realm we learn what it means to fully show up. Here we experience the power of choice, the power to heal, and the power to transform, both within and without.

September: Chesed, “Mercy,” the Sphere of Abundance.

This is the realm associated with the creations of higher Mind. Here we learn to live in trust so we can participate in the majesty and greatness of possibility in our world.

October: Binah & Chokmah, “Wisdom & Understanding,” the Spheres of Higher Consciousness.

The upper realms of the Tree are associated with transcendent experiences of higher awareness. Here we learn to connect with the ultimate truth of our divinity.

November: Kether, “Crown,” the Sphere of Cosmic Consciousness.

This is the realm of pure Source energy and Oneness. Here we experience the Light beyond understanding, and the Unity of the great I AM.

Retreat Schedule

Retreat Calendar

  • Module One: Feb. 26 – 28.
  • Module Two: Apr 23 – 25.
  • Module Three: June 18 – 20.
  • Module Four: Sept. 10 -12.
  • Module Five: Nov. 5 – 7.

Retreat Logistics

  • Retreats meet Fri-Sun, 9:30 am – 5 pm, Fri-Sat; 9:30 am – 4:30 pm on Sun.
  • Nutritious snacks and lunch are provided each day.
  • Virtual participation is available on Zoom, in the event that someone is unable to attend in person.
  • Retreat location to be determined.

How the Program Works

Each of the Following Elements has been Carefully Designed with Your Success in Mind.

Weekend Retreats

Three day retreats allow ample time for immersion into the wisdom teachings, through experiential practices, new learning, and dynamic collaboration with the group.

Each retreat includes:


  • Interactive presentations and discussion.
  • Energy medicine tools.
  • Intuitive readings and channeled messages from non-physical teachers and guides.
  • Guided activities for personal reflection and exploration.
  • Closing meditations to anchor each day.

Evening Circles

Circles happen twice a month. These are times to explore the unfolding of our work within the context of daily life. The schedule will be set to best accommodate the group.

Circles include:


  • Personal check-ins and reflections.
  • Q & A discussions and review.
  • Exploration of current planetary themes.
  • New energy medicine tools and practices.
  • Manifesting activities using oracle cards or other tools.

Individual Energy Sessions

Private energy sessions with Elizabeth enable you to fully anchor the program into your unique life experience. You will receive two 90-minute sessions for each module, for a total of 10 sessions throughout the program, scheduled at your convenience. Sessions will usually happen over Zoom or phone.

Each personal session includes:

  • Energy medicine to support health and well being in all aspects of your life.
  • Astrology readings from your natal chart and solar return to support current experiences.
  • Channeled messages from your Higher Self and guides.
  • Ongoing support for establishing and strengthening your personal daily practices.
  • Your questions on materials and tools you’re learning in the program, with the opportunity for advanced teachings and applications related to areas of personal interest.

Daily Messages

Five times a week you’ll receive a personal text message from Elizabeth, aligned to the energies of the day and personally attuned to you and your group.


Each message is aligned with the current phase of the Lunar cycle, and embedded within the Sun’s energy at dawn (the daily Sabian symbol). 


This helps you directly align your consciousness with the highest potentials for the day. The daily message always includes a distance energy treatment to support your day.

Written Materials

The program includes a wealth of detailed written materials which supplement and support all of our activities and explorations.


The course notebooks and handouts have been carefully developed to enable you to explore and expand your studies beyond what we touch upon when we meet.


You’ll treasure your course notebooks as valuable resources for years to come. 

Homework & Personal Daily Practice

This program is designed for people with full and busy lives.


The intention is to create a system of support that enables you to create balance and expand into the potentials of your life. For this reason, you’re not required to invest a great deal of time outside of the time we meet. Each person makes their own decision about investment in study and learning.


Having said that, for those who ARE inspired to commit time to the study of these materials, you’ll have a multitude of opportunities for exploration.


Because of the detailed materials, your learning isn’t limited to our nine months together. Moving forward, you will have permanent access to these resources whenever inspiration strikes.

In this program you’ll learn practical ways to apply the tools and principles of Modern Alchemy.


Within your daily circumstances you’ll discover the true power and magic of our work.


The more you’re able to pay attention, the more you’ll experience the synchronicities held within life’s unfolding.


This capacity for present awareness to what IS becomes the focal point for all of our topics and new learning.

Participant Time Commitment

Do your best to attend as many retreats and evening circles as possible.


We recommend that you commit to 10-20 minutes each day for focused personal practice, both morning and evening. You will receive personal guidance and coaching to explore and develop daily practices that work for you.


You can also utilize your personal energy sessions to anchor what you’re learning and apply the wisdom teachings to daily life.

Record Keeping

All events are audio recorded. This includes retreats, evening circles, and personal coaching sessions. When meetings happen over Zoom there is also a video recording available.


All program materials, including handouts, recordings, and recommended online resources will be available by email in the event that you miss a class.


Personal coaching calls and evening circles will offer regular opportunity for review and addressing your questions.

Our Recipe for Success

The Teachings • The Container • The Path

The Integrated Alchemy of these Three Elements Ensures that You'll Embody what You Learn.

The Teachings

We’ll explore the world’s wisdom teachings through the disciplines of Astrology, Numerology, Geometry, Energy Medicine, Tarot, Sound Healing and Feng Shui.


Each discipline has a unique language and a key set of pure principles designed to help you connect body, mind, and spirit in the physical world and beyond.

This program is a work of embodiment. We are designed to be IN our bodies and experience abundant well-being here on Earth. When you understand these core principles and learn how to apply them in your life, you hold the keys to creation and new levels of mastery in the world.

The Container

Every part of this program has been carefully prepared, using time-tested principles of human development.


One of the most important reasons for the success of this program is the central role of the intentional small group. New science is bearing out what spiritual teachings have always known: Life is based on collaboration and cooperation. Through the power of relationship we become much more than we ever could alone.


Through our intentional group work you’ll build new momentum, access new visions of possibility, and strengthen your connections to ALL of the relationships in your life, including your circumstances.

The Path

All true and lasting change comes from within. This program is designed to nest within your life and grow and evolve along with you.  Your path is unique because your journey is unique. What you are here to create has never been before, and the Universe holds big dreams for you.


This program is designed to support this unfolding, through nested topics and teachings, as well as ongoing group work and personal coaching. Real magic happens when you bring these new tools and understandings to the circumstances of daily life.

In our nine months together we will share in new birth. Together we will witness our challenges, appreciate beauty, honor vulnerability, take risks, hold space, speak the truth of our dreams, and celebrate the amazing creations that appear. 

If You Miss a Session

  • You will be included energetically through distance energy work.
  • You will receive all handouts and recordings via email.
  • As needs arise, Elizabeth will always be available for questions and follow-up to support your journey.

Additional Elements

  • Complete handouts are provided for all presentations, workshops and evening gatherings.
  • Audio recordings are available for all events.
  • You’ll receive a detailed reading list, as well as monthly activities and creative projects.
  • Optional small group weekly calls can be organized around New Moon manifesting.

This unique program supports all types of learners in all walks of life. This is a life-changing experience that you’ll only receive here. In our nine months together your relationship to yourself and your life will transform in remarkable ways.

Join Us!


The total cost of the 2021 9-month Tree of Life program is $9,000.

Tuition Deposit: $600
  • Non-Refundable.
  • Due at time of registration.
  • Guarantees your spot.
Tuition Balance: $8,400
  • Three payments of $2,800 due Feb. 1, April 1 & June 1.
  • OR one single payment of $7,950 due Feb. 1 (represents a 5% discount).
  • OR 9 monthly installments of $970 due Feb. 1 thru Oct. 1 (by automatic bank withdrawal).
  • Inquire with Elizabeth for additional payment options.


The Tree of Life program is open to all graduates of the Foundational Alchemy Program.

Other applicants will be accepted on a space-available basis and will have experience in the following:

  • Daily personal practices that integrate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being.
  • Knowledge of the human energy system, including chakras, and corresponding practices related to grounding and embodiment.
  • Working knowledge of tarot. (We use the Thoth tarot as a primary text for the program.)
  • Access to personal healing tools (via self and other practitioners), to allow for additional support when needs arise.
  • In addition, a basic knowledge of astrology is helpful but not required.

The 2021 Program is Limited to Only NINE People. Contact Elizabeth today to express interest and request a personal interview.

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